Persuasive Essay On A Healthy Diet

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When people think of a diet they tend to think of it as a way to lose those extra pounds and inches that they don’t want anymore. But what they don’t realize is that there is so much more to the word diet than losing unwanted pounds and inches. Diet is also a way of living healthy and prolonging your life. In fact, people don’t realize that a poor diet is a key factor in what causes people to go into renal failure (kidney failure) and needing dialysis. Living your life with a healthy diet can help keep your kidneys healthy and functioning. A healthy diet can also help those that are already on dialysis feel better and need less and shorter treatments. We should all live our lives with a healthy diet for the health of our kidneys. When asked what the purpose and function of the kidneys are the common response given by people is that their job is remove fluid from the body. But what many…show more content…
What people including dialysis patients don’t realize is that dialysis does not repair your kidneys. Dialysis is like a life support for the kidneys, it only does partial of the work that the kidneys would do themselves. Along with only doing partial of the work that a kidney would do dialysis is also only done for a few hours every other day. And just like a normal kidney dialysis can only take off so much fluid and toxins, so it easy to tell who is following a healthy diet and who is not. When a patient comes in with eight to fifteen pounds of fluid weight gain between treatments it is apparent that they are not following a healthy diet like they should be. Whereas the patients that come in with only one to three pounds of fluid weight gain are obviously following a healthy diet. You can also tell if a patient is following a healthy diet or not by the results of their monthly labs. The higher the lab levels the worse the diet is they have been

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