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The use of colors in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby is a prime example of how colors can be used to describe almost anything. Colors affect the way people take in information subconsciously. F. Scott Fitzgerald does a good job of describing Gatsby with the colors blue yellow and green. The color blue is used a lot in the novel to describe Gatsby. The color blue signifies melancholy and sadness. Fitzgerald uses the color blue in the novel to describe Gatsby's blue gardens and the people that gather in the gardens during Gatsby’s parties. The color blue also signifies calmness. Blue is used in the book when the moon is being described at one of Gatsby’s parties. Fitzgerald also describes the water between Gatsby and Daisy's house…show more content…
Fitzgerald does a good job at making the color yellow all about Gatsby. For example, Fitzgerald mentions Gatsby's big yellow Rolls Royce on page 149 when the police are asking about who killed Myrtle. This yellow is the car that kills myrtle which gives the color more meaning in the category of betrayal and corruption. Fitzgerald used the color yellow here to represent how corrupted Gatsby is. Towards the end of the book the color yellow appears again when Gatsby walks through the garden of “yellowing trees” symbolizing that Gatsby has given up on what he has been working for his whole life. Yellow is labeled as a “fake gold” and in the novel there is a lot of yellow mentioned when things are considered to be fake. For example, on page 44 it is mentioned that at gatsby’s parties there was always “yellow cocktail music” playing. This is a symbol for all the rumors that surround Gatsby’s life. There is another use of the color yellow in the novel that has a lot of meaning. When Gatsby goes to Nick's house to see Daisy he wears a yellow tie. The use of the color yellow here signifies Gatsby’s hope and optimism for his future with Daisy that he will never

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