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It is quite common nowadays that classic pieces of literature are transformed into movies. Oftentimes these movies are considered to be not as good as the book. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a classic novel that gives us a glimpse into the 1920s. The story begins with Nick Carroway explaining the backstory of his life. He lives in West Egg, across the bay from his cousin Daisy Buchanan and next to a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby, whom he never sees. Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan, a vacuous man of old money. Gatsby on the other hand is a man of new money, who became wealthy through bootlegging. He is known for his lavishly extravagant parties that are later found to have been held in the hopes that Daisy would one day attend. Gatsby and Daisy dated many years previous to the marriage of Tom and Daisy and Gatsby hopes to steal her away from her husband. One day, Daisy is driving Gatsby’s car with him and runs over Myrtle Wilson, Tom’s mistress. Believing it was Gatsby’s doing, Myrtle’s husband George is furious and shoots Gatsby,…show more content…
In the novel, the book is Narrated peripherally by Nick Carroway. The story is told through first person although Nick is not the center of the story. In the story, it is discovered that he does not judge others. This allows other people to tell him their stories. Through peripheral narration, it is almost as if the narration is in third person. On the contrary, the film portrays the narration as rather directly. At the beginning of the film, Luhrmann introduces us to a subdued Nick. Due to the troubles he had with alcohol, he is working with a doctor to recover himself. Nick does not want to talk about the story of Gatsby, so his doctor suggests he write it in a journal, rather than keep it to himself. At the very end of the film, Nick finishes Gatsby’s story and titles it “The Great Gatsby”. In the book, the creation of the novel title is never

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