Examples Of Father Son Relationship In The Kite Runner

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In Khaled Husseini's The Kite Runner, the father-son relationships in this novel are important because every decision a character makes is fueled by the feeling they have for their father. This is shown by Amir's drive to impress Baba, Amir's resentment of Baba, and Amir's admiration of Baba. The father-son relationships in this novel directly affect what the characters think and do. Everything a character does in this book is because of their feeling towards their father and this includes Amir's drive to impress Baba. This is seen when Baba does not approve of Amir's passion for poetry and Amir says "but fathering a son who preferred burying his face in poetry books to hunting..."(21). This quotation demonstrates that Baba feels that poetry is not manly enough and so Amir must do something masculine like hunting to be acknowledged by Baba.. His drive to impress his father can be seen once again when he says "he signed me up for soccer to stir the same passion in me. But I was pathetic...(21). This shows that Amir is trying to fallow in Baba's footsteps to impress him, but does…show more content…
Amir's admiration is seen when he speaks about his father who, "once wrestled a black bear in Baluchistan with his bare hands."(13). This shows that. Amir's admiration for his dad is seen once again when he is talking about the traits of Baba, "hands that looked capable of uprooting a willow tree."(13). This shows that Amir believes Baba is more than just a man since he thinks Baba is capable of super human feats. Amir continues to talk about how Baba is larger than life "when all six-foot-five of him thundered into the room, attention shifted to him like sunflowers shifting to the sun."(14). This quotation demonstrates that Amir is so astonished by his father that he believes that he is the sun and other man in comparison are only flowers. Even though Amir has many negative feeling about Baba, he still admires

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