Jack London's The Kite Runner: Book Analysis

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Hosseini was very much interested in Persian Poetry, especially those of Omar Khayyam, Abdul-Qadir Bedil and his most favorite book was Divan-e-Hafez. Jack London’s White Fang lays an impact to the young immigration of Khlaed Hosseini. During the immigration, Hosseini and his family faced many hurdles and difficulties. These bitter and unforgettable experience are brought out in his first book. The Kite Runner is more autobiographical. He had a deep admiration for Ahmad Zahir, an Afgan singer. His works are The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and And The Mountains Echoed. The Kite Runner, is a debut novel of Khaled Hosseini was published in 2003. It was the novel which brought an identity and position for Khaled Hosseini in the literary…show more content…
It has attained great success and is a poignant and a heart-rending story which focuses on distress and inherited love. The plot of the novel deals with the dissolution of the two siblings Pari and Abdullah. Abdullah being the elder brother of Pari recognizes her whereas Pari forgets him in the mean time. Pari later discovers that she is adopted and separated from her brother and so she goes in search of him and finds him suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease and was unable to recognize her. It differs greatly from that of the other works as the novel do not have any Taliban effect in it. This book was a great success and it brought in many reviews even before it was published. It was one among the Top 10 books in Amazon.com, it turned out to be a Bestseller in a few months and it sold more than three million…show more content…
A theory that was formulated by Albert Einstein states that all movement must be defined in correspondence to a frame of reference and that space and time are relative, rather than absolute concepts. This has created a new revolution in the critical analysis to explain the 'individuality, choice, ethical responsibility, and open time". This has created a change in the on look of narrative techniques. The thesis focuses on bringing out the concepts of the theory of Chronotopes in the novel written by Hosseini. This focuses on bringing out a wider inspection that the theory can also be applied to trace down the life of a character in a fiction. The protagonist of the novel Mariam is constantly traced down in terms of both time and space throughout the plot line. This is done by creating divisions of the life of Mariam into different phases. These divisions help in clearly explaining the coordination of time and space in the life of a character and in the development of plot structure in a fiction. The theory created a lot of disturbances in the age where it was first published but the finding of various scholars and critics have simplified it and in the recent ages where it is found to contain a proper method that can be used to evaluate the works with scientific measures it presents itself to be

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