Why Is Race Important In The Kite Runner

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The thought of race, ethnicity and social class, all have great impact on today’s society. These particular words may sound the same but have different meaning. Race involves an individual’s physical appearance such as skin colour, and ethnicity in other words, relates to cultural factors such as language, beliefs, nationality and religion, etc. Khaled Hosseini, the writer of “The Kite Runner” displays the truth behind social class, race and ethnicity, demonstrated this approach within relationships. In the novel “The Kite Runner” Hosseini uses these three terms to relate the life events in the book and how it has an impact on many lives. Hosseini’s writing style demonstrates three different concepts within “The Kite Runner”. Firstly, in this…show more content…
This demonstrates how ethnicity leads to Amir’s actions and it leads him to stand by and watch Hassan when Assef was raping him, because Hassan is a Hazara; Amir did not want to stop him from getting raped therefore he just let it happen in front of his eyes. Amir and Hassan friendship starts to get weak just as Amir beings to treat Hassan like a servant and when he began to ignore him. Since Hassan was in a low social class, in different occasion Amir was embarrassed to be close with him or to even affiliate with Hassan. Furthermore, Amir’s treatment towards Hassan changes as social class issue begins to over take Amir’s thoughts of…show more content…
Assef has a lot of hate towards Hassan because of Assef ethnicity, which makes him very abusive. In the Afghan society Hazaras are known as the lower class, since Assef believes that Pashtuns are superior on the scale of the social class, Assef takes it for granted and rapes Hassan. Assef worshipped Hitler since he was a child. Assef reasons raping Hassan to prove his dominance of ethnicity and race. Assef was trying to prove that his ethnicity was overpowering the Hazaras as he embarrassed Hassan by raping him. Additionally, by joining the Taliban, Assef shows his hate towards the

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