Examples Of Experimental Animation

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Experimental animation is an animation that explores on other non-traditional techniques and mediums. It is for animators to search something new in making their animation film. There are a lot of techniques and mediums which has been introduced to world such as Stop-Motion Animation, Sand Animation, and Cut-out Animation. Firstly, Stop-Motion Animation also called as Stop Frame Animation. This is because, the technique used for this animation is people have to captured one frame at time using a physical or solid objects which has to moves between frames. The sequences of those images are playing with rapidly move, it will creates the illusion of movement. The processes of this animation are first the animator has to taking photograph of the…show more content…
This is a technique for producing animation films using flat characters, backgrounds and props which cut from materials such as paper, stiff fabric, photos and card board. But nowadays, as the technologies conquer the world, this Cut-out Animation is always been produced using computer. This make the scanned images are often used compared to physically cut materials. The animator only have to moving cut-out shapes in small steps and photograph each stage. This make less of works compared to animator have to draw every single frame of the animation. The device used for this animation is any of film camera which capable to photograph or shoot single picture. Yuri Norstein who used the Cut-out Animation technique in his films has made he such one of the known animator. He is a Russian animator and known as “the Pushkin of animation”. He has known by his animation film of Hedgehog in the Fog (1975). This film is about the journey of the hedgehog at evening to meet his friend cub bear. The fog in this animation was very stunning due to the usage of translucent papers. He has his own style on his animation. He managed to manipulate the hand-drawn paper

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