How Does Technology Affect Fashion Trends

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1. Introduction It is inevitable to admit that technology has influenced our lives greatly in many aspects. Technology has allowed the fashion industry to revolve in a way that was never imagined. It has created a major break through in specifically the textile industry. This dissertation aims to explore the depth of the impact of technology in the fashion industry with greater emphasize on the textile development. An extensive study of technological impact on textile direction and how it has shaped the current fashion trends will also be highlighted in this research. In my opinion, technology has created room for the possibilities of digital printing, 3D printing, fabric texturing, and substantial eco-friendly fabric. Technology has made…show more content…
It is a digitally composed 3D dress, which is a recreation of an eighteenth century silk dress. This installation is a show of how technology is able to visualize the way the dress would have been worn at the time it was made. It is able to re-feature the details of the dress such as the fabric characteristic. This invention made the possibilities of viewing fragile garments that are lost or are not exhibit-friendly. (Clarke, S.Harris, 2012. P97) Another ongoing research today is in the field of camouflage. Scientist Susumu Tachi, the founding president of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan, is researching on the magnetic fields and electrical currents that can program fabrics such that they will form new configuration adjusting to its surrounding creating a camouflage. (Clarke, S.Harris, 2012. P88) One of his experimental results is the “invisibility cloak”. It is a garment that appears like an typical hooded raincoat but is actually constructed using a retro-reflective fabric with a cinematic screen surface. A linkage between the screen and a camera recording of the visual behind it is also forged. This image will then be visualised on to the garment, which will render the garment into an illusion of transparency. (Clarke, S.Harris, 2012.

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