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Define Empowerment. Discuss with examples, some tactics/strategies that managers use to empower their employees. Suggest some ways in which you would like your teacher to empower you as a student. Empowerment is described as a way to enable employees to make decisions (Bowen and Lawler, 1992) and as a personal experience where individuals take responsibility for their own actions (Pastor, 1996). The first definition is related to how management provides an empowering culture, while the second definition emphasize on the role of the individual in the successful implementation of empowerment. Lashley (1996) defines empowerment with regards to an organization’s intent for using the strategy. The Oxford English Dictionary defines "empowerment" as…show more content…
Providing information Bowen and Lawler(2006) proposed that information can be included data about workflow, efficiency, external environments of organization and its strategies. If the employees are in the loop of the internal working of the organization and have access to important information, they think of themselves as a part of the big picture which could in turn make them feel important. Also, if the employees are let in on important information, they can provide input which can help in improving the task at hand. 2. Linkage with…show more content…
Laschinger and et al (2008) used empowerment in the workplace model to survey the effects of trust establishing and empowerment on two kinds of organizational commitments such as emotional and continuous commitments. Results showed that empowered employees had higher level of trust. Finally a high level of emotional commitment was seen in employees but the empowerment could not significantly predict the continuous commitment of the employee. In another study, the researchers surveyed the relationship between psychological empowerment and its four dimensions to managers and the results between psychological empowerment and knowledge- based trust showed a significant relationship ( Laschinger, 2004). 4. Leadership style The way the manager or the supervisor lead his/her team is also an important determinant if the employee and the organization is empowered. The empowerment can cause extensive changes in manager’s way of leading his/her team. The manager should adapt according to the employees as to how to direct the team forward on the project. When the employees have a more democratic way of being led, they could present their ideas and the organization could be empowered. 5.

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