Compare And Contrast Anthem And The Giver

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It is popular for modern teens to enjoy dystopian novels. A dystopian novel is a genre of fiction writing used to explore social and political structures in a ‘dark nightmare world’. The reason teens like dystopian literature is that they have all had the same concept of growing in adulthood into a society. In the novel “Anthem” the example of a dystopian society really triggers what modern teens cognate. Also in the film The Giver it shows what it's like to be put into a world and have to do what the elders say. Between these two there are reasons why teens enjoy them and keep on being involved with them. Furthermore, the book Anthem written by Ayn Rand is an example of a dystopian literature and teens enjoy it. Modern teens like the novels…show more content…
There are differences in the two dystopia literatures and one is more popular than the other to modern teens. In the novel Anthem the dystopian society is one where you have limitations on what you can do and say,if you don't obey the laws then you get punished. When you grow up you have to do a job that they pick for you. In the film The Giver it is sort of like the same thing, but elders watch you over your childhood and pick a job for you that seems appropriate. Also in the film it is not as strict with what you say and do, but there still are laws to obey. In the film The Giver the Giver says this to Jonas,”If you were to be lost in the river, Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever.”(Noyce). What the Giver means by this is that even if your memories get washed away you can still remember them because they are forever. This can be related to modern teens because in the future they will remember the memories that they had,it may be good or bad they still remember. They sometimes think that the memories will go away, but they see it in the film and now agree and understand. There are similarities and differences in both the film and, the novel but teens still make it

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