The Veldt: A Comparative Analysis

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Many people often think that dystopias and our modern day society have nothing in common. Although this is a common held assumption, this statement is false. Our modern day society and dystopias have various similarities and differences involving technology and control. A similarity that our society and dystopias have is our technology. Many times, children and adults have a strong discomfort when technology is removed or no longer available to them. For example, in “The Veldt”, the parents take away the technology based nursery from the children because the children were making it in to a very violent environment. When this happened, the children went haywire. They began screaming, throwing things, cursing, and jumping on the furniture (Bradbury). Many kids in our society act the same way when their…show more content…
Because they are unhappy, they might throw a tantrum. Another similarity within technology between our society and a dystopia is that technology brings out imagination. In “The Veldt”, the nursery gives children an opportunity to take their imagination and turn it into a real life, motion picture (Bradbury). Similarly, in our society, we use technology such as Ipads, Ipods, Iphones, and computers to make our imagination come to life. Although our society and dystopias have various things in common, they also have many differences. In “The Veldt”, the children would kill in order to keep their technology (Bradbury). On the other hand, our society doesn’t do this unless for an extreme case. Another difference that dystopias have from our modern day technology is that in some dystopias, they kill you earlier than needed because they believe that your time on the earth is up and that there is no reason for you to be alive any longer. For example, in The Giver, they release people

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