The Giver Conflicts

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The Giver is about a futuristic world that believes it is a utopia when it really is a dystopia hiding their imperfection from the whole world written by Lois Lowry. In the book, the main character Jonas, is a 12 year old boy who is the community’s next receiver of memory taught by “The Giver” who was once the receiver of memory. The conflict of The Giver is that the more Jonas learns about the past the more he questions the community and their ways. The resolution is the Giver and Jonas make a plan that Jonas will escape from the community to Elsewhere to make the community a better place. The community in The Giver accepts euthanasia because of how they do a release and how easily they can get by a release. The community accepts euthanasia…show more content…
An example is on page 44, “ had performed the Ceremony of Loss together murmuring the name Caleb throughout the entire day less and less frequently...the community performed a murmur-of-replacement ceremony...softly and slowly, faster with greater volume.” This represents that the community accepts euthanasia because they just have a ceremony of replacement and then they just forget about it and their child until they get a new one. Another example is on page 44,“It was as if the first Caleb was returning. Another newchild was given a name Roberto and Jonas remembered that Roberto the old had been released only last week” “But there was no murmur of replacement ceremony for the new little Roberto.” This shows that the community gets easily by a release because they just repeat the name once they are released or lost. Also on page 149 there is an example, “He pushed the plunger slowly,injecting the liquid into the scalp vein until there the syringe was empty.” “All done. That wasn’t so bad was it?” This represents that the community accepts euthanasia because they have no idea what they are doing. They just believe they are doing it correctly since they were taught like that. The community accepts euthanasia because easily they just just have a ceremony of loss or just a newchild with the same name and go on with

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