Comparing Song Of Roland And The Inferno Of Dante

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Song of Roland and The Inferno of Dante are both types of poems. The Song of Roland is a type of heroic poem. It is the oldest surviving major work of French literature. Song of Roland was rated as the first most outstanding examples of chanson de geste (deed or action). During the time of being written, Song of Roland was a very popular poem that everyone uses to read. The Inferno of Dante is a different type of poem writing. The type of work The Inferno of Dante is would be a narrative poem. The genre for this type of poem is fantasy, epic poem and religious allegory. It was written in the early fourteenth century but it wasn’t published until 1314. Later, it was rewrote and published in 1994 by Robert Pinsky. This poem is a classic literary…show more content…
You had to serve them and if you didn’t, then there were sometimes consequences that had to be faced. “Mohammed’s worth far more than Rome’s Saint Peter, / serve him, and honors of the field are ours.” You were supposed to honor Mohammed and respect him because he was the best out of all of the people. He was even better than Rome’s Saint Peter, who was one of the great all mighty people. If you served him and respected him, then you receive the same amount of respect as a person. That’s just like today; if you respect somebody then you get respect. It is only right to respect people that are older than you and are greater in power. You should respect your president, for example, because he has over the United States. He makes the decisions that go on in the United States and he only wants what is the best for us. Even though some people may not like him, you should still respect him as a person. You have to earn respect; it’s not just given to you. If you cause death on somebody, then there should be consequences that should happen to you. That is the same way it happened during the medieval times. “If someone was to cause the death of Roland, / then Charles would lose the right arm from his body.” Nobody want Roland dead except for his stepfather, Ganelon, because he didn’t agree with the decisions he made. Roland was like the ruler, he ran over everybody. Everybody pretty much liked Roland, except for…show more content…
You don’t feel like you can make it through the struggle and you don’t know what to do. Dante experiences that in some sections of the poem. “In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself in a dark wood where the stairway was lost.” Dante was hitting some tough times in his life and he didn’t know what to do in some situations. Dante knew at sometimes in his life he was going to have tough times, but he just stuck through it and never gave up. He had faith in himself and so did Beatrice. Luckily he had Beatrice to help guide him in the right direction. She could help him with the best way she knew possible. Having someone to help you through the tough times is always what is best for you. It may seem like the world is crashing down and you don’t know what to do, but it has to get worse before it can get better. In my life time, I went through many struggles that I didn’t think I was ever going to get out. With the help of my parents, friends, family and God I was able to make it and make things better for myself and my

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