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Cheating has become a part of society that has been exposed time in and out. Cheating is everywhere, whether it is in school or in the professional work field. In Mark Claytons article “ A Whole Lot of Cheatin’ Going On”, he writes about how cheating has become a part of our everyday life style, and begins all the way back to one’s academic career. Clayton talks about schools being remorseful, and forgiving at times for students when violating the academic integrity. Clayton succeeds in convincing his readers that cheating is a problem by using examples such as the transition state and where cheating is first developed, and colleges downplaying the act of cheating to protect its image, and lastly the pressure some students have that urges them to cheat. Cheating is a habit that develops at an early stage of one’s academic life. Most people who develop the habit of cheating begin cheating during their high school years, and still cheat while getting to college. Clayton states “Critics also point to widespread cheating in high school as a reason for colleges’ current woes” (199). Cheating is developed at an early age and transitions into the next…show more content…
While many universities have academic integrity codes, they do not follow their rules so that their image is damaged. In order to reflect, Clayton states “Most, chary of their images downplay dishonesty, unwilling to air dirty laundry in public” (199). Universities do not want to be held accountable, or have their name out there mentioned as “cheating school”, or have mockery made out of it. The reputation is what is most important to universities, and therefore begin to downplay certain situations, and not having to be confronted by the state officials as to why so many students are caught for cheating. Clayton addresses this point to show why colleges are not exposing too many details of what happens at schools, and what makes this a

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