Nuremberg Laws Related To The Holocaust

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1. Hitler's "Aryan" Race- Hitler's "Aryan" Race were pure white people who had four Aryan grandparents. The Nazi's considered them the superior race and treated Jewish people as an inferior race. Hitler and the Nazi party used this excuse to validate the horrific crimes they committed against anyone who was not part of their "Aryan" race. ("Racism.") 2. Nuremberg Laws- In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were racial laws established by German legislature that set the standards for the anti-Jewish guidelines in Germany. The "Reich Citizenship Law" was the first of the Nuremberg Laws, taking away the political rights of Jews and dropping them down to "state subjects", a class below the "Aryans". The second law of Nuremberg prohibited marriages…show more content…
Heinrich Himmler- Himmler was the German Police Chief, Head of SS, and one of Hitler's closest mentors. He took part in forming the "Final Solution" and was the second most influential man in Germany, Hitler being the most, during the Holocaust. Himmler also was in charge of setting up the first concentration camp in 1933 in Dachau. ("Himmler, Heinrich.") 7. Josef Mengele/Medical Experimentation- Josef Mengele was the head doctor in for the concentration camp in Auschwitz, deciding who would be sent to die in the gas chambers and who would be sentenced to forced labor. Mengele did medical experimentation on prisoners, treating them as guinea pigs, to prove that the "Aryan" race was superior to all other races. He studied and documented how they responded to extreme cold, heat, and pain. He conducted his experimentation on prisoners, but mainly focusing on babies, dwarfs, and twins. ("Mengele, Josef.") 8.Victims of the Holocaust- Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust and five million people of other races, religions, and beliefs were persecuted as well. Hitler targeted the Polish, African Americans, Jehovah Witnesses, Gypsies, the disabled, Priests, Christian leaders, and courageous men and women who resisted the Nazi Party. (Teresa…show more content…
Kinder Transport- Kinder Transport was a series of rescue missions during the Holocaust that brought Jewish children from Germany to Great Britain. In 1938, the very first Kinder Transport arrived in Harwich, England bringing around 200 children from a burned Jewish orphanage in Germany. Kinder Transport saved about 10,000 children from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland from 1938 to 1940. ("Kindertransport, 1938-1940.") 20. Nuremberg War Trials- The Nuremberg War Trials were trials accusing the Nazi party's major leaders of war crimes and crimes against humanity during WW2. Twenty two of Germany's political, armed forces, and financial leaders were put on trial. Twelve were sentenced to death, three were found not guilty, and seven were put in jail. The Nuremberg Trials took place between October 18th, 1945 through October 1st, 1946. ("Nuremberg Trials.") 21. Yad Vashem/ The Righteous Among the Nations- The Righteous Among the Nations were the courageous, minority of people who stood against 90 percent of the population in Germany by rescuing Jewish people and regarding them as fellow human beings. Rescuers were those who helped hide Jews in their homes with the risk of being caught. The punishment for hiding a Jew in Germany was the execution of the entire family. The Righteous Among the Nations also provided false papers and identities for Jews, helped Jews to escape very dangerous areas, and took in the children whose parents had been sent to concentration

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