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“…We have to return to our past and learn of our beginnings, only then we will see clearly and all that is ahead of us…” The Blackfoot Indian Tribe, also known as the “Siksika Tribe,” call their tribe “Niitsitapi,” meaning “the real people” They believe that they are equal to the universe and all other people (Royal n. page). The Blackfoot tribe gets their name from their moccasins. Some were painted black, or others were turned black from previous ashes of fires. (Hodge The Tribe consists of the three subgroups. They include: the Pikuni or “Peigan,” the Blood or “Kainai,” and the North Peigan Pikuni. These four tribes are still around today, and are mainly present in the North Western United States and into Canada. Tey all have…show more content…
They are mainly present in Montana, Idaho, and Alberta Canada. They all live close to the base of the Rocky Mountains and some live by the North Saskatchewan River. However, the Blackfoot tribe frequently moves homes and do not stay in one area (Hodge By living in these regions, they are able to use their resources to hunt, grow crops, and live off of the land. The tribe currently consists of about 25,000 people, but the numbers were once bigger. In the late 1800s, Europeans came and took chunks of land from the Blackfeet. The Europeans brought some good, but also some bad. They brought horses, so that the Blackfeet no longer had to hunt on foot, and could move quicker and be more efficient. The Blackfeet were also able to trade with the Europeans for things that they could not make by hand. However, the Europeans also hunted buffalo, causing limited food source. They had better weapons and more horses so the Europeans were more successful. This caused many Blackfeet to die of starvation. Another bad factor was that the Europeans brought new diseases with them. They included small pox and measles, which also killed a big percentage of Blackfeet. In 1910, most of the Blackfoot land was sold to the Canadian government, so the Blackfeet survived as best as they

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