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Compare how spoken language is used to convey power in speeches by Churchill and Blair In order to reach out to the public; Prime ministers, Winston Churchill and Tony Blair gave speeches to acquaint the nation of on-going circumstances. Both representing different parties and both had a different upbringing so therefore impacts their way of speaking. Winston Churchill was a representative for the ‘Conservative party’ and was brought up in the upper class on the other hand Tony Blair was a representative for the ‘Labour party’ and brought up in the middle class. They both had different audiences however both speeches were connected to war. They both had a different approach on how they portrayed power similarly like how the public had different…show more content…
Churchill’s constant use of “we” and Blair’s persistent use of “I” creates power but in different ways. Churchill’s use of “we” (first person plural) shows that he includes the audience almost saying that the people have a part in war. It creates an instant sense of unity between them; making him more appealing and more powerful as he shows them that the decisions is made taking on account what has been said by the public. Also the use of “we” shows that England was united in World War Two fighting together against Germany and its allies. This conveys power as it shows that Churchill had the backing of the nation. Churchill also speaks with an active voice, this gives him power as it shows the audience their involvement in war and also showing that their country need them. My idiolect is insightful of Churchill as I myself would include the audience to win their hearts over as it is critical for any ruler to take on account on what’s been said by the people. Blair however use “I” (first person singular) which portrays more power because it shows that only he has the power to make a difference in the war this shows that he doesn’t include the audience as much so therefore lack unity between him and the audience. Blair’s ideology on conveying power may seem to be powerful but it makes him seem selfish and self-centred and may result in not much support from the nation; something Churchill had a lot of. It also gives the audience the impression that he is trying to be a
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