Their Eyes Watching God Analysis

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AP Essay on Their eyes watching god Chizoba Chirah 03/12/15 What is sacrifice and how can it affect us being humans that is same question that comes to mind even how put do it without regret giving up for something or for love. Sacrifice is the offering of animal, plant, or human life or of some material possession to a deity, as in propitiation or homage. You stand for love dreaming big and being real it hard because of our human instincts making it hard for us to sacrifice all less it can be true love knowing everything. Janie is person thought the book that show what sacrifice is and true love can do to you it is something is wonderful whether is love of man or for family. She true woman with strength and confidence which hard now this is days. The book is filled passion and sorrow it tells love always come even if you search it be find in time you have to let go with respect if it hard. Janie she brave she grew with her…show more content…
She shows acceptance when she thinks in her mind, “It was part of him, so it was alright.” (125) She thinks this because he gambles all the time and he was trying to win back the money that he stole from her which was a sacrifice she had to deal with, but the ultimate sacrifice was yet to come. It was when Tea Cake got sick with rabies and he had insecurity issues about Janie cheating so he tried to shoot her. She shot him before he could shoot her even though she loved him and she didn't want to. Even though he died she's happy to experience the love that he had given her and she shows this by thinking, “The kiss of his memories made pictures of love an and light against the wall. Here was peace.” (193) Janie shows that love is not perfect when she says “...Love ain't something like a's different at every shore.” (191) Love is different for
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