European Vs Native American Research Paper

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Europeans and Native Americans conformed the society and there visual image by voicing their political opinions these two groups had somewhat similar opinions but then they were also polar opposite. They shaped the society with beliefs and their opinions about the conforming of the society. They had different contrast of beliefs and the way situations should be handled. Europeans felt as if they were somewhat better than the Native Americans. The Europeans felt that all other cultures should just follow their beliefs. The Europeans were selfish and domineering towards the natives. The European’s felt superior to the Native Americans like they were in some sort of competition when they are actually not. Europeans took the credit of discovering the new world but they really did not discover it. The Europeans viewed the Native Americans as disgusting savages. The Europeans were more equipped than the natives so they had the better advantage in society. They expected to be treated to with the upmost respect because they thought they were better than the natives. They treated the natives as slaves. The Natives Americans saw the Europeans as this snobbish group of people who were control…show more content…
I see this as jealously and they were so jealous they did everything in their power to make them feel down about themselves. The Natives wanted to stick to their own personal belief and maintain their land through inheritance without problems from outsiders but the Europeans thought that they should convert to their style of life. The Europeans took advantage of the natives because of their different sense of languages and the Natives were un aware of these different languages. The Europeans felt like if you cannot make it direct then they could not respect it so that would be another problem they had no type of respect for the

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