European Influence On Native American Culture

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When Constantinople was captured by the Ottoman Empire, this affected the Europeans ability to trade with Eastern Asia. Christopher Columbus discover an alternative route by sailing west to reach China and India. Unfortunately, instead of landing in Asia, he landed in the New World. When news spread about this discovery, this brought forth a flourish of expeditions to the New World and the first contact between Europeans and the Native Americans. The discovery of the Americans changed the Native American Culture and communities. Native American communities did not have one culture or one language, it was astonishing different from each others and vastly different from the European culture. The communities range from the Aztecs in modern Day…show more content…
The Europeans regarded the natives as peaceful and friendly savages but they were also viewed as brutal beast. “Giovanni de Verrazano describe Indians he encountered as ‘beautiful of stature and build.’” (10) Overtime, however, the views that were once mixed, gravitate towards the negative vantage point. European Newcomers disliked the “false religion” and the “false gods” that the Indians believed in. The negative outlook spread onto the Indians land usage and gender roles. Natives believed that land does not belong to them and should share it. The Europeans used the Native Americans belief on land against the Natives by creating contracts in the pretense of trading supplies but were signing over the lands to the Europeans. Europeans were outraged when they saw the gender roles were mixed. Native American women work alongside the men in the fields, own tools, were able to own houses and men married into the women’s family. Europeans thought native women were treated poorly because in the Europe’s view on gender role, women stayed home and take care of the family while the men worked out on the fields, providing for their
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