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My father suffered an accident at work a couple of years ago that left him unable to provide for my family. During work a small piece of metal was lodged in his eye. The metal caused and infection to develop in his eye. This and other complications caused him to lose a large amount of his eyesight. He was forced to leave his job. He had to bear the burden of finding new ways to support his family and bring food to the table. My father was stripped of his ability to do many everyday things for himself. He struggled with things I take for granted. I saw him suffering and took it upon myself to be his eyes. To support him and my family in this time of need. If he needed help I was there. I drove him to doctors appointments and errands and made sure he got to…show more content…
I became responsible for getting my father the medicine and treatment he needed to hopefully recover from his injury. I was now the man of the house. I helped my parents with paperwork and paying bills. In the process I learned what it was like to have adult responsibilities. Though times were difficult I helped because I understood it was the best for my family. Though at times I wished I did not have to bear this burden and grew tired of having to do all of this. I persevered because I knew my parents were proud of me and I was growing as a person. On one of our many visits to the hospital I saw something that disgusted me. There was a girl that refused to help her mother. Others do not help out their family even in times of need. My father saw this as well and told me that he was extremely proud of me for becoming a man. Later that day when I walked my father back to the car after his surgery, I thought about what had happened. In the process of helping my family I had grown. I had a newly defined sense of responsibility and I felt I was ready for anything. Though I wished my father healthy, I knew that I could continue to support him and my

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