Eulogy For Father

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“I lost another one today” my father said to my mother “I’m tired of hiring people that don’t know what they’re doing.” My father fired another worker today, probably because he couldn’t keep up with his perfectionist expectations. That was the 4th one this year and he’s on track to fire 3 more. He was sluggishly walking towards the kitchen when he stretched and put his hand flat on the ceiling. I wish I could do that, he is only 6 foot 1 but he has a good reach on him. But that’s just how he is, they get two chances to prove their worth and then just like that they’re out. “In my business time is money” he told me once, “if you have a guy that can do something in 2hrs and you have a chance to hire a guy that can do it 1, you save money.” Then he said “Except some of these guys are in the 5hr range, and I just can keep that long”. He calculates everything anyone does, no matter how big or small. So when I asked them if I can have a puppy, he only took 2 seconds to respond.…show more content…
That’s when he really looked at me and by the way he plays with his keys, I knew his head is coming up with a couple solutions. “Alright, I have some spare 2x4 in the back, go get a saw and a hammer from the truck. Start with the dog’s house and then show me. Let’s see how bad you want this dog.” It took me 5 weeks and 4 different houses until he finally approved one of the house. “Good job” he said, patting me in the back “now you need a job to buy the

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