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Finding Nemo: Sound In the famous Disney Pixar film, Finding Nemo, there are many different types of sound throughout it. This film has so many different sound effects embedded in the plot, that without them, the visual images we see wouldn’t mean as much to the audience. These many different sounds that we hear are either classified as diegetic or non-diegetic. For most of the movie, the sound effects are enhanced sounds that really emphasize the films content. In the movie Finding Nemo, there were three functions of film sound that really stood out to me throughout the film. One of the things that really stood out to me was how the sound effects revealed where the movie was taking place. For example, throughout the film, we hear different sounds, like fish swimming through water, fish screeching to a halt when stopping for Marlin and Nemo to pass through traffic, the sound of bubbles, sounds of other creatures swimming, the heavy breathing of scuba divers, the sound of bouncing on the jelly fish, and many others. All of these sounds reveal that the movie takes place in an ocean. What I mean by that is if I wasn’t looking at the screen and I was just listening to the sound effects, I would still be able to determine that this movie takes place in an…show more content…
The music that is playing is very soft music, which gives the audience a very sad and sympathetic feeling. If this scene would’ve had happy and upbeat music, the death of coral and the eggs wouldn’t have had the same impact as intended by the producer to the viewer. The music and sounds in Finding Nemo make you feel a certain way about what is happening in the film. When Coral and the babies are killed, without the music, that scene wouldn’t have been as traumatic and sad. Sound and music definitely play a huge part in the way the audience

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