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As a child, I had always wanted to study medicine and be part of the medical field. However, that changed throughout the years because every month I wanted to become something different. Once I hit high school, my change of decisions stopped. During freshman year I took a class called Principles of Information Technology. I didn’t think much of it, it was just a class, but then I took another class my sophomore year called Computer Maintenance, which was working and configuring the hardware of computers. I enjoyed that class, and it really interested me. From that same class, a program was developed a few years back. It is called Cyber Patriot. Cyber Patriot is a national youth cyber education program. This club lets us have the experience…show more content…
In a way, I am saying that maybe I was destined to chose these clases. After Computer Maintenance, I took Telecommunications Networking. Now I was extremely interested in technology, and through these classes, I decided I wanted a career that had to do with technology. To be more specific, I would like to join the Air Force and work for their Cyber Security field. I would like to go into the Military as an officer, but in order to do that; I would have to go to college first. My plan is to attend Northwest Vista to get my basics done there, and then transfer to UTSA, where I have guaranteed admission, to study for a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security. All my high school classes mostly been advanced placement, which I know will make it easier once I go in to get my basics. I have to admit, AP classes have always been hard for me, but I like the challenge. Every year in my AP classes I have trouble, but no matter how much trouble I have with the class, I do anything possible to become better at it. I will go to tutoring and stay after school, I would do extra credit if there was any. I do what I can in my power to not give up and to always pass the class

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