The Declaration Of Independence: The American Dream

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My country, “a sweet land of liberty”, is surrounded by “spacious skies and amber waves of grain.” This is where “purple mountains” move majestically across the land scape and at the “twilight's last gleaming,” the bright stars dance throughout the night sky. “The land of the free and the home of the brave ,” these familiar phrases represent America ("America Patriotic Song Lyrics" 5). Life here is meant to be better, more fruitful and prosperous for everyone. With each opportunity given it should be solely based on ability and necessary qualification, not social status or place of origin. The concept that is The American Dream simply indicates the ability, through participation in the society and economy, for everyone to achieve prosperity.…show more content…
Even written explicitly by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, he states that life away from the British in the new land of America should entail that Americans have “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ("The Declaration of Independence: Full Text"1). While the definition stays true, the way how this phrase is recognized has shifted over time. Its immediate connotation is having a life style that includes children, a house, a spouse of the opposite gender and so on. Many of the American Dreams today don’t follow suit seeing as though many must fight just for some normalcy in their lives. To be different means to have a different American Dream. Our dreams are categorized and classified by our social status, our appearance, and personal…show more content…
Marriage ,particularly between a man and a woman, is the pinnacle of a relationship in society’s eyes. In contrast, individuals are becoming more and more inclined to find other means of partnership. In this area, in which there are different variations, homosexuality has become a very popular subject. However, society once again looks down on these individuals as nonconformists just because they don’t fit into the stigma of the classic American Dream. People have different ways to express companionship, some of which do or don’t include the classic values. When people stray from these original ways of living they tend to receive criticism. It goes as far as denying person certain rights in which must fight relentlessly for to obtain the same opportunities that others

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