Soldiers Moral Wounds Summary

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Sherman, "Soldiers' Moral Wounds 1.) Why, according to Sherman, are the feelings of guilt and shame so common in war? According to Sherman he explains the feelings of guilt and shame in common was with the shame that happens with soldiers due to the war. However, they do attempt to have moral line like regarding to everything they go through war. However, a soldier maybe down or the feelings that build up revenge can conquer and torture the person who is the soldier. It brings guilt and shame, because soldiers might be a human being with a normal mindset. Also, the people in way choose penance in the sins they have done, no matter how big or small i’s just really, because they’re in war. 3.) What does Sherman mean by “luck guilt”? How…show more content…
However, I don’t believe that torture could be used as a result to get someone to talk or confess. I think a solution to get a person to talk or confess can be fire backing at the person like a persecution trial type of situation. However, if you were to do something so bad like murdering someone or any similar situations then you should face a way of punishment, maybe not always torture would be the first option. 2.) If torture does work, does that affect your position on whether it is morally permissible or not? Oh my gosh, Torture is a hard topic to talk about it. However, I think personally it’s something so hard, because of what people go through, but then again you have to be in their shoes to see what they did in order to get in that place in their lives. I think in order for a person to reach that stage they must have done something, so terribly bad that it would be seen as a punishment. However, you can relate this type of torture punishment with a death sentence, because it can be seen as torture. However, it all depends on the situation or case if the person, because of the consequences that come when doing something really bad in order to be in that position of torture. Depending on the actions that you do comes along with consequences sometimes leading up to

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