Pros And Cons Of Mass Incarceration

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Mass incarceration, at its root base, is a problem of monumental proportions. Specifically, the concept of mass incarceration entails the disciplining of copious amounts of people through imprisonment. Analyzing mass incarceration from the surface, it is believed by some that mass incarceration's benefits outweigh its means. One could make the argument that mass incarceration provides the discipline certain races, ethnicities, and groups need; the ideology that certain groups of people are criminals by nature and are destined for prison. In my opinion, this presumption could not be any further from the truth. Moreover, mass incarceration in the United States is not only a problem, but also a failed solution. Mass incarceration as…show more content…
Polarization is synonymous with prisoner treatment by staff because every correctional employee is not the same, nor do they possess the same moral and ethical standards. The main component for prison staff to adhere to is the Professional Standards Statement. Specifically, this code of conduct for prison staff states how they should act, the handling of certain situations, and prisoner interaction. Regarding the problem of interaction, sexual assault, and fatalities among prisoners and prison staff, the Professional Standards Statement reads: Staff must exercise particular care to ensure that their dealings with prisoners, former prisoners and their friends and relations are not open to abuse, misrepresentation or exploitation on either side. Staff relationships with prisoners must be professional..Staff must not: Provoke, use unnecessary or unlawful force or assault a prisoner, use offensive language to a prisoner, or have any sexual involvement with a prisoner ( In my opinion, when viewing the excerpt from the Professional Standards Statement, one can see that the protocol in place regarding the United State's prison system is not the problem, it is the mentality of the prison staff. This mentality serves as a hindrance to prisoner growth and

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