Ethical Issues In Organ Donation

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As enunciated by Miller, ethics ‘systematically examine what is right, good or just in human conduct. Morality is the social, religious or professional tradition of values about what is right, good or just in human conduct’. The issue of organ transplantation brings to the foray multitude of ethical issues. The ethical problems that troubled the leading transplanters have been compiled by Albert R. Jonsen. First, the problem on Dr. Murray’s conscience—invading a healthy body to obtain an organ for another—was most obvious. But beyond that, the question for discussion was with respect to procurement of kidneys. If sought from a related living donor, how could consent be obtained without coercion. Besides, if from an unrelated donor should there be payment of any compensation to…show more content…
Rutecki, in his paper, ‘Is It Ethical to Buy Organs? One Physician's Perspective ’ emphases upon the "corporate transformation" of the field of medicine.. The hallmark ethic of organ donation has always been informed consent. Informed consent must be free of any hint of coercion. With respect to cadaveric donation, will the promise of remuneration prey on the more palpable needs of the poor? Is valid consent possible when a small but real physical risk is accepted at least in part because financial compensation will be awarded, rather than solely as a function of voluntary giving? The ethics of informed consent are already under serious assault and would likely be further compromised by providing financial compensation for donated organs. Furthermore, there has been lack of data to indicate that financial compensation would enhance the number of donations. It might end up having a contradictory effect. The success of the organ transplantation system can be attributed to its finding acceptability amongst public opinion. Any element of coercion, capitalization, or organ trafficking could lead to immense damage to a successful and acceptable system and jeopardize its

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