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Couple in the Garden by Eduardo Carrillo: A Formal Analysis In visiting the Pasadena Museum of California Art, I was introduced to an artist previously unknown to me. I walked into the gallery space with intent of finding the most visually interesting work of art specifically for this analysis. My first encounter was a painting hung at the entrance of a space without any other visitors around. The painting did not impress me. The style was impressionistic, heavily smudged all around. Its colors were immediately too dull and the subject matter seemed unimportant to me especially in comparison to the other works I saw by quick glance and could not wait to reach. I lent my attention to the work of art however to investigate further my questions of, “Why would this artist take the time to paint this?” and, “How is this interesting?” I was happy to find my answers by…show more content…
This creates an almost primitive hut, exposed on all sides to the environment. This hut looks fragile though unbothered and is erected at the start of the paved pathway. The female figure stands within the hut, which allows us to determine it as an entryway into this garden. The blue posts draw our attention upward to a bird of the same hue (and also a hint of red and white) in a tree. From there, another set of blue posts individually erected from the ground brings our eye back down near the male figure. The unification of the color blue within this work implies an imagined triangle and an overall balance. A thin brown tree trunk stands as the spine of this triangle directly behind the male. It moves up towards the sky its solid foliage also curved upward and meets with another tree of a different species that playfully curves downward towards it. The movement from nature reaches towards each other almost enclosing into itself and the

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