Ethical Dilemma In Social Work

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Unit 8 Written Assignment Kathleen Yarbrough Post University May, 26 2017 When you are approaching retirement you experience many emotions like depression and the fear of how your life is changing. Similar feeling also include anticipation and some apprehension, these feelings may be caused from your financial status, sometimes your identity feels threatened you just don't know what to expect. Even if you do prepare for retirement when it happens it can seem harder than what you expected. Planning your financial part of retirement is very important one thing you should check out is the process of getting your social security which you can get at age 62. "Another key aspect of the perfect retirement strategy is understanding the ramifications…show more content…
You are legally held responsible if you breach confidentially, and there can be a lawsuit and you will have to go before the board and worst of all you could lose your license. Like if you engage in a personal relationship with a client, where you may date or give gifts or engage in sexual activities. A social worker is there to help a person get better and guide them to make their lives better. If you felt you were getting in that situation the best thing you could do is refer your client to another social worker. Social workers have a Code of Ethics, "Social workers should under no circumstances engage in sexual activities or sexual conduct with current clients, whether such contact is consensual or forced." (standard 1.09[a]) "Social workers should not engage in sexual activities or sexual contact with former clients because of the potential for harm to the client." (Reamer, 2007) So you see this is one dilemma you do not want to get yourself into. Confidentially involving minors is a hard ethical dilemma, you want your client to trust you but in some cases you must share what you have been told. " Social workers also understand that many parents believe that they have the right to know about major risks their children face and believe that their children clinicians have a duty to share critical information involving their children's…show more content…
Working day in and day out with these types of clients can lead to burnout. It has a deep effect on your feelings, so you must have some kind of plan to help you deal. You cannot not help another person unless you take care of yourself. " Determining that social work burnout is present early in a career, as opposed to later on, may require the professional to change their behavior, attitudes, routines, or habits." ( Smith, 2015) This meaning that learning self-care in the beginning of your career is important. At first it will be hard but if you are aware of the kind of people you will be dealing with you will be better prepared to have outlets to relieve the stress. Do more things with family, go out with friends, start exercising, anything to take your mind off your work. Make yourself good diet to follow be sure to follow up on any research that involves self-care, fatigue and burnout. It is exhausting when working with a client in trama, and drains your energy, and you will not be able to help your client the best way

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