Essential Aspects Of A Self-Directed, Active Learner

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Describe the essential aspects of a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner? A self-directed learner is an individual who is able to take the initiative into their own development. In a self-directing environment that the student creates, he or she assumes all responsibilities in regards to their learning progress as a whole. A person who is self-directed can identify their strengths and weaknesses based on their own ability to define what needs to be improved. Someone who is able to define these qualities can also formulate solutions and do the appropriate learning to incorporate the new knowledge according to the information collected on oneself. A person who is intrinsically motivated carries a behavior that emphasizes on engaging into activities at their own will. Students that possess this motivation to involve themselves in such a way, create a genuine satisfaction feeling within themselves. They tend to participate in activities just for the sake of pure enjoyment where they understand the reward to gain lies within the activity itself.…show more content…
This environment includes the participation to interact with others while engaging in activities either in an individual setting or group environment. This method of learning is vital to distance learning and can include reading materials, writing upon subjects, participating in discussion forums and much more. However, this approach is not fully complete nor effective until a student can demonstrate new skill and new knowledge they have acquired. This gives an opportunity to an active learner to engage furtherly in this environment where they can apply and test what they have learned. Identify two areas of personal strength and two areas of personal weakness in being a self-motivated and engaged

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