Essay On World Without Crime

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Think about the world without crime? Sounds pretty good right? How would it feel for just once, to watch the news and see that there’s no violence going on? Or for once, go to a foreign country and not have to have second thoughts because of violence or violent things you’ve heard. Some would disagree with me. Like the “crazy” people who think violence keeps order and helps release anger. Or the people who do it just for revenge or political purposes. For example, ISIS. Well, according to the Bible, God made this world peaceful and gave his people, us, dominion over his world till he was to come back. How do you think he feels when he sees his people, people he created in his image, killing each other for revenge, political purposes, or just no good reason? By doing all of this, how could crime be eliminated? Crime could possibly be eliminated if we all worked together. Not just certain people, but everyone. Crime is not a good thing, but it does exist and it cannot be ignored. Crime lurks in many places. Like in the metropolises, cities, towns and even villages. There are certain ways we can be successful in enforcing a crime free society. One way is we can make sure youth and adults have a positive way of spending their spare time instead of somehow finding ways to get in…show more content…
You must always be careful. Preventing car theft for example. Many such thefts easily could be prevented by simply taking the time to roll up windows, lock doors and take the vehicle's keys with you. Such simple procedures could eliminate the agonizing frustration many people face after realizing that their vehicle has been stolen. There are many simple ways to prevent car theft. Simple things such as, don't leave the vehicle unattended for long periods of time or if parking at night, park in a well-lighted area where there is plenty of traffic. The same advice holds if leaving the vehicle unattended during the daytime for an extended period of
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