Amazon's Online Payment System: External Analysis Of Amazon

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external analysis opportunities: 1. Online Payment System. Amazon could extend its current payments system and enter the service similar to PayPal. Amazon payment system would be useful for mobile buyers who usually go by and find it difficult to provide bank details or other personal information that product purchase is required. In addition, the service could be used by many other online retailers for a small fee. 2. Launch of products and services own brand. With access to this large market, Amazon could benefit by releasing more of its own brand products. 3. Increase the services and product portfolio through acquisitions. The company has already acquired many companies successfully expand its product and service offering. 4. Open the…show more content…
Traditional physical stores provide a customer experience that is virtually impossible to reproduce in the digital online world. For example, when buying clothes in stores customers choose to discuss the issue before making a purchasing decision. This activity is not available for any of the clothing stores online. In addition, online retailers are often unable to provide customer service in real-time store employees brick and mortar. The threat of substitutes is not only the physical world, but also the digital world. As Amazon strives to offer a wide variety of products, which can not compete with online stores specialty. These shops can personalize your web page for easy viewing and help consumers in their purchasing decisions, where as Amazon may not be able to in order to preserve the "look and feel" of your website. auction websites like or web sites listed as local craigslist also offer alternatives to consumers buying the same or similar product forms. New…show more content…
Figure 1 illustrates how Amazon customers fulfill their orders through the integration of its operations. server uses the software to optimize the supply chain to forecast demand and optimize its supply chain. In the first step of customer data credit card they are processed to complete their orders. Amazon warehouse is also information about customer orders in this aspect of coordination. This is done to find stock quotes in Amazon store. However, in case of shortage in Amazon store appropriate suppliers are selected. This information publishers, record companies and electronics OEMs for further processing is transferred. After receiving the order information publishers, record companies and transport of electronic OEM products required to store Amazon physically closest. Amazon store these items are packed and shipped to the customer via UPS or the postal services of the United States. Thus Amazon develop integrated trade that share information across your network for

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