7 Eleven Product Strategy

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8.0.1 Product strategy The products of 7-Eleven brings back the millions of loyal customers though franchises’ door. Apart from regular grocery items, 7-Eleven offers different lucrative products and quality food items in low price that attracts the customers most, such items are Slurpee beverages, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, $1 coffees, 7-Eleven fuel, Hot Chockee, ATM, stationery & gifts, treats, Refreshment, game cards, MoneyGram, Mobile recharge, sim and phones, news magazine, transport, Australia post parcel lockers and many more. When buying products, 7-Eleven aims to: -be the first to have differentiated items -be the only retailer to carry the certain product 7 eleven brings their new item weekly and does the reinvest in product development.…show more content…
The $1 freshly bean coffee got a tremendous popularity among the customers. $2 popcorn is very cheap but not only that brings back the customers but also different flavours they added to the popcorn made the difference. On the other hand as it is a top brand convenient store, it has its own private products that they sell in higher price compare to the other competitor stores. 8.0.3 Placement strategy Australian 7-Eleven pioneered their first convenient store on 24 august 1977 in Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh. Within a year in 1978, the store started selling fuel for the first time in Melbourne Malvern. It took only 3 years to reach the busy city Sydney in 1981, later in Brisbane CBD. The history tells how they established their expansion of business through targeting the busy areas such as big cities, suburbs. Now they have more than 615 stores in Australia. 8.0.4 Promotional strategy 7 eleven focuses on developing new products and services in their store. The planning for their product gets in a way that customers don’t get a chance to feel the boredom. That’s the reason 7-Eleven try to come up with different flavoured products and promotions in every week which is the strength in their marketing strategy. Some of the recent promotional activities for 7-Eleven…show more content…
69% of the store has this payroll compliance issue. As a result the banks stopped lending money to the company due to the wage issue. 10.0 Recommendation -To get the attention of the customers, 7-Eleven can increase more outlets through Australia. -The company should improve its customer service by providing professional training. -More market research is needed to meet the customer need as there is a lot changing in people’s lifestyle. Research on customer’s needs can lead them to provide the first to serve the customer. Also pricing strategy needs to be changed for the same products found in superstore in cheap price. - Four Corners and Fairfax Media into a joint investigation get into 7-Eleven stores and found out with evidence of underpayment of wages. Fair wages has to be implemented in the company no matter how it lowers the cost because it has greater impact on brand image which can be ruined with some bad

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