Short Essay On Water Scarcity

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Can you fathom the fact that 780 million people in the world do not have access to safe water right now and that 2.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation? To put it another way, roughly 35 percent of the world’s population are affected by problems relating to water (WHO, 2008). But do these statistics imply that planet Earth has an insufficient store of water to sustain all living things? Factually, it is not. NASA estimates that the planet still has the same 326 quintillion gallons of water. From this perspective alone, it would mean that since the supply is abundant it would not pose any threat in the future. However when other factors are taken into consideration, it is proved otherwise. In this report, an analysis into the threat of global water shortage has been presented and my ground is that, global water scarcity indeed exists and is intensifying at an alarming rate. The arguments chosen for discussion are how global water scarcity is exacerbated by over-consumption and wastage of water, understanding how pollution of water sources is worsening the situation and how the continuous growth in population contributes to this problem. In order to understand the issue of water scarcity, initially we have to consider the definition of "water…show more content…
Though the supply of water may seem abundant, other aforementioned facts apart, the concept of the quality of water on the globe is what is clearly being neglected by them. As an example, a region has a single source of water that provides a limitless supply for its people to sustain, but all of it is contaminated water which cannot be consumed. Hence this region is deemed water-stressed because one of the two criteria for "water scarcity" is

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