Dental Hygiene Therapy Personal Statement

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I know that a career in health care is the career for me as I have a very compassionate and empathetic nature. Although I was not initially sure of what field I wanted to go into I now know that this career is dental hygiene therapy. I left school at the age of sixteen to become a dental nurse. I genuinely loved every minute of work; I was one of the few people who loved leaving the house to go work every morning. After working at the practice for 4 months and after spending several weeks nursing for our practices Hygiene Therapist I realised hygiene therapy was what I wanted to do. I found myself researching about the profession at every opportunity. I found that a dental nursing qualification was not compulsory to study a dental hygiene…show more content…
I contacted my senior school and enquired about joining the sixth form. In the short term I was disappointed to leave the field of work which I loved but I knew that it was for the best if I was to achieve my long term goals I am currently studying A Level Psychology as well as for a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Biology and Law. In Applied Biology I have learnt to be highly analytical. I trust that this will prove useful when conducting my undergraduate studies. I particularly enjoy human physiology as well as the practical elements of the applied biology course. The skills I have acquired from this have made me aware of how and why we use such a wide range of equipment and how to pick the most efficient tools for each particular job. I am also studying A Level Psychology; I have thoroughly enjoyed the unit we have covered on dysfunctional behaviour; I have studied how certain people have certain phobias. This unit, I believe, can be directly linked to the dental industry. I know that one in four people in the United Kingdom feel anxious about being in a dental environment. I have also learnt that these phobias can be treated through a variety of different techniques. I am sure that the knowledge I have acquired from this course will enable me to ensure that the patients I encounter will have the most comfortable experience

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