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Today, the United States Federal Court system has three main level of court. It contains the district courts, the circuit courts, and the Supreme Court. However, the Constitution created only one court that is the Supreme Court. The other courts were added later in the future when the Congress agreed that it was necessary. These courts were created in order to help maintain the power of laws and safeness in this country. It’s important that the citizens of the U.S. comprehend enforced laws and follow these laws so that the people rights can be protected. There are two type of cases: civil and criminal. The civil cases differ from the criminal cases in many ways. Their procedures, the amount of evidence required to prove one’s guilt, and the…show more content…
These levels of courts function was to tend civil and criminal matters. They go by appeals. If one person is not happy with the decision that the judge has made, he or she can appeal to the higher court. There are three levels, therefore, the Supreme Court’s decision would be final. District courts are the trial courts. They made up of ninety four Federal Judicial Districts. This is the first level of court, therefore any decision of that the judge has made can be appeal to the next level of court. The next level of court is the circuit court. This court was created by the Judiciary Act of 1789 so that it can help the Supreme Court with some workloads. Federal courts have limited jurisdiction. They can only tried cases that provide for them in the Constitution or provided by the Congress. The final and most powerful high court of the United States is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court holds a lot of power including the ability to interpret the Constitution in order to make a decision whether a person, organization, or officials of the nation violates the Constitution. The Supreme Court judges’ term lasts a lifetime. Only the President can appoint the judges of the Supreme

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