Essay On Tourism Development

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Theory Sustainable development is depends on ensuring the strength of local partnerships and facilitating good governance. Through partnerships organizations, government and communities are able to collectively address concerns and determine mutually agreed upon objectives that will benefit all stakeholders involved, thus embarking on a more sustainable approach to tourism development. The studies that have been carried indicate that a partnership is a valuable instrument and there are hundreds of partnership have been formed worldwide during the past two decades. There are good number of partnerships have been created as part of a central government strategy to support the delivery of programmes at the local level. The purpose of a partnership is to eventually…show more content…
The environment that attracted tourists from the beginning are mountains rising to almost 6000 meters and lakes that make the Zarafshon Valley an interesting place for walking tours. The attraction of Zarafshon valley are also its alpine characteristics: the high peaks, deep blue lakes, mountain passes, juniper forests and vast alpine pasture that make it a paradise for trekking and mountaineering. In addition, there are several cultural and religious sites dating back to the age of the Great Silk Road. Another advantage of the valley is its geographical proximity to the city of Samarkand, one of the most famous tourist centers of Central Asia First scientific examination of Zarafshan Valley was accomplished by the Russian expedition in 1968. In 1964, the alpinist Paganuzi opened the first tourist way and by the summer 1965, twelve tourist groups visited the Fan Mountains. Starting from that time the region’s popularity for tourists has increased. But after the collapsing of the Soviet Union and Civil war the number of tourists decreased, as now only few tourists are visiting the Valley. Benefits of the
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