Economic Consequences Of Globalization

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Globalization Now, I am studying Business Administration in Kepler Kigali, which is located In Kigali-Rwanda. Additionally, I am having an internship at Braathe Enterprises located in United State of America. Thus, you can ask yourself; how can such a thing happen? Yes, it can happen, and it is often happening all around the world because we are now living in an interconnected world. It means that there is connections between parts and the regions of the world. The above example is representing what is globalization. Globalization is a process in which people, neighborhoods, cities, countries, regions become more connected than they were before. This is an ongoing process, which means that, world is still becoming more and more networked.…show more content…
Economic consequences of the changes in Levi’s manufacturing process Levi’s manufacturing process have a very long journey. There is very long distance between where raw materials (cotton) are planted, factories and where final products get sold. The Levi’s manufacturing process has been changing of overtime; at the beginning, it was so long; cotton plantation, factories and the market were closed to each other. Thus, due to a purpose of maximizing interests, the Levi’s factories were moved to the lower-wage-regions. Therefore, the Levi’s manufacturing process contributed to the globalization process too. (Impact of globalisation (levi's company), n.d) Levi’s manufacturing process has many economic consequences. For instance, as I have said above, the factories have been moving to word lower-wage-regions like Africa; where they get labors at lower prices. Thus, the change in Levi’s manufacturing process has brought some positive consequence like; Employment: people from countries or regions, where factories are planted get…show more content…
Then, it is a good time to talk about the ethical issues caused by globalization. Therefore, due to globalization, people are becoming more linked to each other, and additionally, people are becoming more interacted between each other. Thus, it is through those interactions and connection, people from one continent is exposed to another continent’s culture. The exposure itself is not the real problem. However, the real problem is that sometimes people are more like to start mixing cultures. Thus, this is called traditional culture

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