The Cause Of Conflict In August Wilson's Fences

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When reading Fences (1983) one can already get a great sense of how many problems the main character, Troy, is facing. It may almost seem like there is a conflict with everyone around him. Troy has a wide range of issues throughout the play; including, conflicts with society and himself. However, one of the most influential conflicts to the plot is when Cory wants to play football, but Troy doesn’t approve. During these times segregation was still a problem, but not as bad as when Troy was younger. Which causes Troy to be never narrow minded about “white people” in the current time. When Cory approaches his father about his football scholarship opportunity he immediately tells him he will be turning it down. Troy doesn’t believe the recruiter is honest, and thinks he will use Cory just like he had been in the past. Cory really shows his passion for football, especially when he makes the decision to quit his job to help him get more practice time. This, to most parents, would show how serious Cory is about…show more content…
When Cory begins making remarks about how times are different now and just because he wasn’t treated fairly doesn't mean this time will be the same really shows the passion Cory has. This begins a verbal brawl between Cory and Troy which is crucial to the rising action in the play. Cory could view this a Troy being jealous of his accomplishments. Troy knows his son could go far, but doesn’t want to see him succeed because he didn't get his own opportunity when he was Cory’s age. Troy is also already burning a lot of bridges with his family and friends. Between the affair and the conflict with his boss he already isn't in a good home or work situation. After making the unnecessary decision for his son, his relationship with Cory is practically ruined. In the end, Cory even refers to Troy as a “shadow” while at his funeral because he was always monitoring and controlling his

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