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Summer Reading I read The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. This book takes place in Nazi Germany and depicts the story of a young girl named Leisels bravery throughout the novel. The three main themes that come across numerous times include the power of words, crime, and mortality. The first major theme presented is the power of words. When Leisel starts learning the alphabet with Hans (location 704 of 6582) she starts to develop a special bond, she later uses words to form a bond with Max (location 2552 of 6582), Ilsa Herman (chapter 24), and Frau Holtzapfel (location 4624 of 6528).These events show how words can make and in some cases break relationships. Later in the book Max writes Leisel a story called The Word Shaker and shows describes how Hitler was able to “hypnotize” the entire country by simply using words (chapter 67).There are multiple times that Leisel reads in the bomb shelter to help keep people from panicking and distract them from what is happening outside. She uses words as an escape for the good of…show more content…
Many times these people though they fight with good intentions they break the law. An example is Libya the fight started as a peaceful fight in 2011but in three days broke out into a fight for survival. The civilians are fighting to have equal rights and to not have to live in constant fear of being killed. They are breaking the law but is it a crime if the government is corrupt with power. Another historic example would be The American revolution when America first started its war for independence. Many of the rebels prior to the war were considered terrorist like the sons of liberty. Today they are considered patriotic heroes for fighting against the crown for our freedom and democracy. It’s true that they may have killed and defied they the crown and therefore the law, but if they hadn’t America would still be under British rule and an angry
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