Maus And The Book Thief Comparison Essay

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Exactly seventy years have passed since one of the most infamous acts of terror, violence, and senseless killings have occurred. This horrifying “extermination” of the Jewish race and those who helped them is today known as the Holocaust. Taking place from 1935 to 1945, the Nazi regime under the command of Adolf Hitler, mercilessly killed off the Jewish citizens of not only Germany, but Europe all together. Approximately six million Jews perished under Hitlers hand. Their one true goal was to see through the extermination of the Jewish race. Death Camps were the main source of death towards Jews. Millions of Jewish men, women, and children all alike were deported to these camps where a brutal death awaited them. Those who assisted and supported the Jews were also sent to die in these camps. Conditions were poor, basic humanity was tossed away, and suffering occurred everywhere. These two stories give a first…show more content…
Most of the similarities are usually are bad events that happen to them during the World War Two. They both had one person they know before hand as a friend who survived in that period of World War two for Maus it was Anjia Vladek's wife for The Book Thief it was Max the jewish boy. Sadly there both romantic interest both die by WW II in some form for Maus it was Anjia suicide ,and for TBT it was Woody who died during the bombing. Last one I could find was the death of their parents by WW II. The bombing at the end of TBT was the reason her parents died ,as for Maus Vladek's father went to the wrong side of signing papers which in turn lead him face with death. These sources though they differ a lot they all got to one point that World War two no matter who you where you are you got a bad end of the sword. Lastly to state this even in Night you see you either die or live but some way you are scared by the stuff that happened or that you

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