Michael Brown And Black Men Summary

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On August 9, in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown was shot down by an officer, even though he was unarmed. This incident caused others to wonder if this is an adversity replicated too much. In “Michael Brown and Black Men,” Charles M. Blow talks about how colored people are discriminated from the moment they start their social lives, in particular men. Michael Brown was unarmed and shot down by a policeman in Ferguson, MO. This brought the attention that blacks are criminalized from their start. Throughout this article there are many statistics on how black men have a more likely chance to drop out of school early and not getting an education, and then having it correlate to being arrested later in life. Charles also talks about black men, even raised in a good home are still discouraged to stay in school and go to college. Brown’s mother makes a statement at the end on how hard it was to convince her son to stay in school after he graduated high school. Her last statement claimed…show more content…
This is a strong argument that seems to be true. Statistics show that black male students have the highest average for being suspended, which shows up as a big result later in their life. Black males have some of the lowest possible chances of continuing in school or actually graduating. This is because in schools they have no ambition because of the way others discourage them. Even if they are raised in a good home that encourages them to work their hardest in their life, they are still discouraged because of their black body. Michael Brown’s mother talks about how hard it was to convince her son to stay in school and that not many black men will stay in school because there is no hope for them anyways. All of this information is a sign that because of the color of their skin, even though society views white and black and equals, people still discriminate against

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