The Book Thief Book Vs Movie Essay

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To me, The Book Thief was a great movie and a very though- provoking read. I had already seen the movie before I read the book, so for this reason, it was not difficult for me to picture the events clearly as they were unfolding in the book. Throughout the book, there were many differences, a few of which were vast dissimilarities, and in my eyes should’ve been played out differently. These differences include; the scene of Jews marching in a parade down Munich Street, the different times Death had encountered Leisel, and the many times Leisel broke into and stole books from the mayor’s house. These scenes and parts of the book were not portrayed the same way in the movie, though I believe they should’ve shown them correspondingly. While…show more content…
He mainly didn’t mention the time there had been a plane crash and he saw the little girl. She and Rudy had been nearby when an enemy’s plane had descended from the sky, and proceeded to crash, engulfing in flames. Leisel and Rudy ran the accident, with a teddy bear and suitcase in hand, and watched as the aircraft burnt. Rudy then went up closer to the plane where there was a man dying. He told Leisel not to come near, but she didn’t listen. The girl came forward and went on to place the teddy bear with the man they did not know. That is when Death saw the little girl, for the second time, as he went to take the soul of the dying man. One last change, that to me was very important and shouldn’t have been left out, was how Leisel became known as the Book Thief. Throughout the book, Leisel stole several books from Ilsa Hermann’s library, various times, which was located in the Mayor’s home. Yet, in the movie, Leisel stole a book from Frau Hermann’s library maybe two times. Leisel stealing books is what carries on this story and ties it all together, so how and why would they leave that out? I see it as too important of a portion on behalf of the movie for them to leave it completely

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