Gender Roles In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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"Women and children knew deep in themselves that no misfortune was too great to bear if their men were whole." (Steinbeck 4) This quote introduced a theme of gender roles in this book that was throughout the whole time period. This quote describes that women basically have no mind of their own and looked to their husbands for everything. This would make life virtually impossible for women and children to have no male role in the household. The children seemed scared and very cautious to make mistakes around men, along with women being on edge. (73) "Homicide," he said quickly. "That's a big word-means I killed a guy. Seven years. I'm sprung in four for keepin' my nose clean." (Steinbeck 13) This quote being at the end of a chapter was a very…show more content…
He was saying to not expect too much nor too little. That makes much sense so that you won't end up getting discouraged at the end. He was saying to expect success not failure but not exceeding success. That would make the whole family have faith in the move and starting fresh. (66) "You go right on along. Me-I'm staying." (Steinbeck 111) The quote spoken by Grampa is foreshadowing for his death coming up. It also shows that he cannot be himself in a place that he is not used too. Later in the novel, Grampa does go with the family physically. Yet, mentally he is not truly with them and doesn’t want to live with what he would have to go through in a completely different area. (66) "Bands of little boys came out from the towns to break the windows it's a pic over the debris, looking for treasures." (Steinbeck 116) Steinbeck's writing made the reader imagine the end of the old house. By children ruining it, the reader knows that the house is done and there is absolutely nothing left. Steinbeck wrote that they didn't have anything when they left and it is really shown when there was only dirt and debris left over in the house and nothing valuable.

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