I Had A Nice Time With You Rhetorical Analysis

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How many times in a day do you answer a text message, phone call, or email? Ten, twenty, fifty times? Believe it or not, each time you answer one of these you are using an application! These applications, or apps, are how we communicate with people. In our world today, this is how we establish a relationship between co-workers, family members, and even boyfriends and girlfriends. Jenna Wortham expresses a positive attitude about using apps to communicate with people, in her essay “I Had a Nice Time with You Tonight. On the App.” She emphasizes the use of today’s technology allowing people to constantly communicate with each other. Wortham celebrates the interactions through these apps and how they make people closer to their loved ones and friends, even when they live far away. She declares the communication through these apps feeling like the casual conversations people would have when sitting right next to each other. She supports the idea of a new dating application focused on keeping couples in a relationship. Wortham does not argue with the challenges of spending too much time online or on a smartphone not being the substitute for being with a person in reality. However, she does praise the use of the internet as an…show more content…
These challenges include the appropriate timing and place for using the different kinds of apps. One example is a video chat. A user would have to make prior arrangements to have Wi-Fi or phone data, an appropriate environment, and convenient timing. For instant messaging, such as Yahoo Messenger, the other person has to be online in order to receive a message. Phone calls are less tedious because a message can be left if the person does not answer. Emails require the least amount of preplanning because an email can be received at any time, even when the other person does not have their email application open in front of

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