Emperor Domitian's Revelation: The Book Of Revelation

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1. Context: The name Revelation comes from the Greek word apokalupsis which means “unveiling” or “disclosing”. It was written by John the “beloved disciple” who was one of Jesus inner three disciples. There is two differing opinions about the time this book was written, some believe that it was during the end of Emperor Domitian’s reign at approximately A.D. 94-96 while others believe that it was written much earlier in A.D. 54-68 during the reign of Nero. The first 4 chapters of the book of Revelation recount the story of the angel of the Lord coming to John and telling him that he must write letters to the seven churches that are in Asia telling them messages from God. But, chapter 4 to 22 go on to tell about the visions that John sees about thing that have happened, are happening, and are yet to happen. 2. Purpose: The purpose of this book is seen in the three types of literature that it is; apocalyptic, prophetic, and epistle. The apocalyptic genre tells uses symbols and images to encourage the readers and give them hope in times of difficulty and persecution. The prophetic genre was words of God spoken through a messenger to remind people of His promises, communicate the coming salvation or judgment, and to reveal principles of His plan. The third…show more content…
Suffering shows the need for salvation. (2 Corinthians 4:17, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 1 Peter 1:7) [Smyrna] Without hardships it is easy to forget our need of salvation. When life is running smoothly and there are no difficulties, the temptation is to become self-reliant and to think that we are perfectly fine living our lives in our own strength, without God’s “help”. One of the reason’s that God allows us to go through times of pain and suffering so to remind us that we need to be totally dependent on Him. God is not just a gene in a bottle that when we can pull out when we want something, but rather he is our creator, a living entity, that desires to have a relationship with us in times of tribulation and

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