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For more than 70 years the battle between Batman and Superman has been hitting the headlines, on which superhero is better. In this essay their abilities, greatest assets, as well as their similarities will be covered. Batman in my eyes is the better Superhero because, as a human he is well over the expertise of any human. While Superman is nothing without his birth being on Krypton(an alien planet with civilization like our own). Batman has genius-level intellect, great physical and mental conditioning, master martial artist, detective, escapologist, strategist, marksman, equipment, and master of stealth. Batman has a rare suit, it was used in the Court of Owls, a comic book storyline. This suit is known to be the one that defeats Superman in "The Dark Knight returns" (comic book version). This suit gave Batman the ability to last in the suit without oxygen for up to seven weeks, withstand extreme heat, electrical shock abilities, led lined, and is built to not break on impact of punching…show more content…
Batman wouldn't have all his abilities without those two assets. As well as the “Bat-Computer”, and without that all of his communications would be offline. However he also has a butler who has very sharp intellect as well, when in need Batman will call "Alfred". Without being a Kryptonian, Superman, as a normal human would be no match for his opponents. That is one of the reasons why Superman is not as powerful nor as intelligent as Batman. They were both orphaned by great tragedies that destined them to become great superheroes. Both of them operate as crimefighters while using alter egos to help them lead somewhat normal lives. They also have a similar moral code that even the greatest of heroes find hard to stick by: that is to never kill an enemy, no matter how bad their path of destruction. Batman and Superman have protected their identities as much as they could but there was always a woman in their lives that figured it

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