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WEEK THREE This week started with revision of DSM V, we looked at depressive disorders. At 11 o’clock we went to meet our clients in the open area to build rapport. In the afternoon we discussed how we could come out with a group, set group objectives, and goals. We decided to use one of the wards as our venue, this was to facilitate incorporation of all our clients including those who had difficult with moving around. At the start of the meeting, we created group rules, decided on topics to be discussed, time for the meeting and duration for sessions. Our client were happy with the creation of the group and agreed to adhere to the rule made. They appreciated the effort we made to bring them together as a family and as a people. I felt it was a good thing for the client. The group will enable them to share their experiences and learn from one another. As we moved around in the corridor of the hospital I observed that we had built rapport with our clients. This was indicated by the way the clients interacted with us exchange of greetings, some called us by our names and some reported to our supervisor that the team were doing a great job. I felt appreciated and encouraged with my profession as a helper. WEEK FOUR We started off the week with peer debriefing, shared…show more content…
Therapeutic meeting started at 2:15 with a word of prey from one of our clients. The group shared about what made them happy during the week. The theme: client’s reaction when they were first told that they had spinal injury. All clients shared, even though some did not want to talk about themselves, but with more exploration and encouragement they shared. During the session, I noted some of them looked tired. This prompted me to ask them if they were comfortable continuing with the session or if we could discontinue the therapy session. We came to a consensus that the session continue. We took about 45 minutes in the

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