My Educational Journey

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Fourteen years of my life were spent in school learning, growing, and expanding my horizon. Also, meeting lovely people along the way, accomplishing goals, and trying my absolute best to make my parents proud. All of the obstacles I overcame have shaped me into a better well rounded individual. I am now a senior a Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr., High School anticipating graduation. Who would have known the last four years of my educational journey would be the most fast paced, nerve wracking years of my existence! While attending Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr., High school I was always a sociable person.When you think of me the adjectives that describe me are energetic, funny, creative and a jack-of-all-trades. It was in my best interest not to be intimidated by the new surroundings. I am also very grateful to have the same friends since elementary school still by my side entering and exiting high school. I cannot imagine my life being at this level of happiness without them.…show more content…
Leaving out walking to the bus stop and meeting up with my friends along with some familiar faces from middle school, we hassle to get on the bus mirroring a can of sardines. After being dropped off at the side of the school there was a warm welcome accompanied by teachers and staff as we walked down main street. One highly requested piece of advice for high school is to be highly involved. Along the sides of main street was recruiters for many different organizations and clubs to
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